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Monday: 8AM - 5:30PM

Tuesday: 10AM - 2:30PM

Wednesday: 8AM - 5:30PM

Thursday: 10AM - 2:30PM

Friday: 8AM - 5:30PM

Banner Chiropractic & Rehabiliation, PLC is committed to providing Ada - Grand Rapids - Cascade and surrounding areas with unparalleled chiropractic care allowing our patients to function at their absolute best. We are one of the only practices in the country that offers chiropractic manipulations, soft tissue techniques, functional rehabilitation, dynamic neuromuscular stabilization, neurologic rehabilitation and nutritional counseling. Our goal is to not only allow you to live a pain free life, but to empower you to move with ease, grace and fluidity restoring your ability to function at your fullest potential.

 Aches, Pains, or Injuries?  Visit Banner Chiropractic & Rehabilitation in Ada & Caledonia, MI |

Chiropractic Manipulations | Carpal Tunnel | Back Pain | TMJ | Headaches


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