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Banner Chiropractic & Rehabilitation PLC is committed to providing Ada - Grand Rapids - Cascade and surrounding areas with unparalleled chiropractic care allowing our patients to functionally move better and pain-free throughout their daily activities. We achieve this through chiropractic manipulations, soft tissue techniques, functional rehabilitation, and nutritional counseling. Our goal is to allow you to live a pain-free life, while providing you with the treatment and education to maintain optimal health in your everyday life.



Conditions Treated

            • Low back and Neck Pain

            • Thoracic spine pain

            • TMJ pain and dysfunctions related to the jaw

            • Sport injuries

            • Extremity pain and injury. Shoulder, hip, knee, ankle, and foot pain

            • Plantar fasciitis

            • Carpal tunnel

            • Golfers Elbow

            • Golf injuries

            • Myofascial pain

            • Headaches

            • Costotransverse Syndrome (rib pain)

            • Thoracic outlet syndrome

            • Entrapment Syndromes and radiating pain


Banner Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Offers Movement Based Approach Assessments for Proper Treatment | Serving Ada, Cascade, GR & Caledonia| MI

Dr. Kyle Banner | Banner Chiropractic and Rehabilitation PLC | Chiropractic Manipulation | Massage Therapy | Nutritional Counseling
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